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Re: Uplink release with Debian

On Wed, Apr 03, 2002 at 02:18:57PM +0100, Mark A. Morris wrote:
> HI,
>             I represent Introversion Software (www.introversion.co.uk).
> We are currently releasing our first computer game - Uplink.  Uplink is
> a puzzle / adventure game set on the internet of 2010.  We have both
> windows and Linux versions available, and we are hoping to work with
> various Linux distributions in a mutually beneficial relationship.  We
> are asking you to include a copy of the Uplink demo with your Linux
> distribution, we get the benefit of publicity and your users get the
> benefit of playing a high-quality Linux game.  We have already had
> success with Mandrake, and now we are hoping you will consider our
> offer.
> If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to
> contact me.

Debian generally does not do this sort of thing for commercial software.
What a developer can do if he is inclined to do so is build an installer
package for the archive.

Personally I'm not terribly fond of these installers and would much rather
have Introversion host an aptable archive containing the latest patches to
Uplink.  It's generally not difficult to set up such a thing and if you
are interested in doing it I'd be happy to help with setting it up - it's
really not difficult at all.

I'm probably not an ideal person for building the packages as I am
currently on a modem (and miss my broadband greatly!) and don't happen to
have a copy of Uplink yet.  Those damned living expenses getting in the
way of the really important things like games, you understand.  =)

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@bluecherry.net>        Certified free software nut
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      house and cleave your monitor with an axe or something :)

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