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Re: ITP: rootkit - a Ro0Tk1t 4 Deb1an boxxxen

I felt oblieged to announce this package on slashdot ;)
We got quite some positive feedback ;)

"It's about time. As usual, Debian shows the great leadership that we
have all come to expect from the project. The addition of a r00tk1t is
yet another brilliant aid to remote administration, and well worth
waiting for. RedHat and other so-called "commercial" distributions will,
one can only hope, wake up soon and attempt to emulate Debian's
ground-breaking innovation in this area, in order to gain market share
in the vastly untapped script kiddie market."

"Thats the best first april joke i heard today :)
the best part is that teh rootkit is fully removeable through dpkg :)"

Hey, someone could check the webserver logs how many people did search
for the rootkit package via packages.debian.org ;)
The link for searching was even posted on slashdot, so some people
thought this announcement was serious ;)
(well, it was not filed against wnpp, so it was not a real ITP ;)

Congrats, Simon.


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