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Re: Packages file [WAS: Splitting Packages]

On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, Otto Wyss wrote:
> > But since priority and essential is something different in concept I would
> > rather stick to the existing solution. Let alone the fact that the
> > "Essential:" tag applies to only 24 Packages at the moment, so removing
> > that tag wouldn't result in much gain besides confusion for the user.
> Why are all packages decided by the priority except the essential?

To compare it with coding: It's like spending two variables when one would
suffice. You lose little but your code is (probably) easier to understand.

> Why introduce another concept if the current would suffice?  Why not
> remove a concept which is fully supported by a more generalized
> concept?

You got some things confused here ;) Your (or Fabios) concept would
suffice, the existing is more general.

Jens (on his way to Austria)

ruehmkorf at informatik dot uni hyphen koeln dot de

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