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glibc-libX11-wrappers released!


A new set of libraries, glibc-libX11-wrappers is released today.
This enables:

 - all 7bit/8bit softwares are forced internationalized to use
   32bit Unicode and/or ISO2022 automatically.

 - all softwares which use X fonts will able to use non-iso8859-1
   and 16bit fonts automatically.

 - all layout engines will be replaced by doublewidth/combining/bidi-
   aware internationalized one automatically.

 - getchar() and so on will be replaced by an internationalized
   version which can input complex languages such as CJK and Indic
   automatically.  Conversion engines, natural-language-semantics-
   processing engine, and megabytes of dictionaries which are needed
   for CJK input are prepared as plug-ins.

 - all string-handling functions and routines such as strchr() will
   be replaced by 32bit-Unicode-and/or-ISO2022-aware internationalized
   versions automatically.

 - optionally, all text outputs will be gettext-ized.  Note that
   stream-based communication with other process which should be
   done in "C" locale should not use gettext, which must be specified

Thus, all existing softwares will be internationalized only by
recompiling them with using this set of libraries.  So far,
internationalized softwares could be written by a small numbers of
learned developers who know various languages and characters 
(Ideogram, combining characters, bidi,...) in the world, which
caused very small number of softwares are truely internationalized.
Now, developers will not be able to write non-internationalized
softwares, which is a good news for average developers who don't
know about internationalization nor non-European languages and
300 million people who speak non-European languages.

I intend to package this set of libraries for Debian.

License: X-like license.

Note for American people: now it is already April 1 in the world time.

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.org>
"Introduction to I18N"  http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/intro-i18n/

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