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Policy proposal: 'local-foo' for system-specific init.d files

I made this suggestion earlier on d-u.  Sean Perry thought it worth
posting here:

This question (where do I put local init.d scripts) comes up enough that
a policy ought IMVAO be set for it.


    any rc script named local-foo is considered local and sacrosanct by
    the system, where "-foo" could have any arbitrary value, including
    null (for the single instance of a local script).

    But this way I could, say, run four local webservers as
    local-apache-mydom0, local-apache-mydom1, local-apache-mydom2, and
    local-apache-mydom3, without worrying about how they're treated by


       /etc/init.d/local:	Arbitrary local commands
       /etc/init.d/local-squid:	A locally maintained (and possibly
                                separate instance of a) squid proxy


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