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Re: Bug#140332: ITP: pureftpd -- PureFTPd - A fast, standard compliant, production quality FTP server.

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org> writes:

    Stefan> Pure-FTPd is a fast, production-quality,
    Stefan> standards-conformant FTP server based upon
    Stefan> Troll-FTPd. Unlike other popular FTP servers, it has no
    Stefan> known security flaws, is trivial to set up and is
    Stefan> especially designed for modern Linux kernels (setfsuid,
    Stefan> sendfile, capabilities).  .

    Daniel> I'm not objecting to the creation of this package if you
    Daniel> think pureftpd has something to offer. 

    Daniel> But please describe it in terms of what it offers, rather
    Daniel> than how it compares to others.

PureFTPd has full-featured LDAP, MySQL, Postgres, PAM, and its own
"puredb" format support all built in.  This allows for FTP users to be
authenticated through one or more of these distributed backends, which
is incredibly useful.

It's also the only FTP server I've found that has virtual quota
support through LDAP.  I know, because I coded that part. *grin*

PureFTPd has an excellent set of log formats to choose from, which
work with any of a number of log parsers.  It can also produce HTML
log reports directly.

Finally, PureFTPd is localized in several languages, which makes it
useful for worldwide communities.


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