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dpkg triggers

I'm working on a hack for dpkg to allow equivalent functionality to rpm 

In my hacked dpkg there are directories: /etc/dpkg/postinst.d 
/etc/dpkg/postrm.d /etc/dpkg/preinst.d /etc/dpkg/prerm.d

run-parts is used to run the scripts in those directories, with each script 
taking a single parameter of the name of the package that is being installed, 
removed, etc.

The pre*.d scripts are run before the package provided pre* scripts.  The 
post*.d scripts are run after the package provided post* scripts.

I am thinking of having just /etc/dpkg/scripts.d and then having the scripts 
have two parameters, one for the package name and the other for the operation.

Please let me know what you think.

Before anyone asks, I am not releasing my code yet.  I have to do more 
testing myself before I'll consider releasing it (and having non-standard 
versions of dpkg floating around is not what we really want).

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