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Re: something about libgd1 of debian

On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, Scott Dier wrote:

> * pigfoot <pigfoot@CDPA.nsysu.edu.tw> [020326 00:49]:
> >   It means that if i wanna install libgd with apt-tools, i must install
> > basic x-window system (xlibs depends on xfree86-common) at the same time?
> You want libgd2-noxpm

Or libgd-noxpm.

And if you want to build other packages against those two you should grab
the newest Sid package built yesterday - Joey Hess spotted an error in the
shlib file not referring to those -noxpm packages.

Expect next package of analog and other packages depending on libg or
libgd2 to be installable without X libraries :-)

 - Jonas

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