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Re: ITP: mencal -- A menstruation calendar

>>"Adam" == Adam Majer <adamm@galacticasoftware.com> writes:

 Adam> Ahhmmm, maybe it's only me and all, but this would be one of
 Adam> the most useless packages in Debian? For Pete's sake, let's get
 Adam> some useful applications up to shape; there are many orphaned
 Adam> packages that would be much more useful than this.

	I find this remark very crass, insensitive, and self
 centered. If you can manage to wander off the egocentric viewpoint so
 central to this statement, you would realize that utility is
 subjective, and people would have different view points.

	Personally, I find mencal to be potentially more useful to me
 than a idiotic joystick calibrator (joystick?). How many network
 sound systems does one need? And with a gazillion editors out there,
 does one really need a lightweight programmers editor? Most
 programmers I know already are comfortable with emacs or vi

 Adam> And Jeremies comment does not make much sense either.


 Adam> Please, get some quality into Debian and not bloat the archive
 Adam> with useless little "applications".

	Heh. That may leave you without a package.

 Adam> Maybe we should start a second "archive" in which we just have
 Adam> the links to software that is not actually in Debian. IMO, this
 Adam> so called calculator would fit there perfectly.

	Also, you can't even read. It is a calendar, not a


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