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Re: Bug#139726: ITP: emailrelay -- email relay for dialup systems with configurable filter mechanisms

also sprach martin f krafft <madduck@madduck.net> [2002.03.24.1930 +0100]:
> > Just like nullmailer, masqmail, ssmtp?
> no, the actual feature that i needed when i found it was to have it
> filter through a custom program before SMTP'ing the message on. that
> way you can hook any custom filter into postfix, for instance. it can
> do the same that nullmailer etc. do, but that's not the focus.
> i s'pose i should change the short description...

also, the main reason why i want it packaged is so that it does not
conflict with mail-transfer-agent since it's mainly used aside a real

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