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Re: Is Bug#139359 really a bug ?

Malcolm Parsons (2002-03-22 12:36:33 +0000) :

> You should pass the password to smbmount using the PASSWD environment
> variable.  The command line of any process can be read from /proc by
> any random user.  The environment variables can only be read by the
> owner.

In the precise case of mounting SMB shares, do you have any solution
to propose if I want to use autofs?  The only way I found was to write
my password in /etc/auto.misc, but that does indeed let it slip into
the mount command line.  Hopefully the mount process doesn't live for
very long, but that isn't satisfactory.  Should I file a bug on autofs
so that it uses the environment variable, or is there any other trick
I am not aware of?

Roland Mas

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