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ITI: HTTPS method for apt

I intend to implement a rudimental https method for apt. Since the
deity list does not seem to be open for subscription [0] I'm posting here
[1]. If anybody's got any suggestion whether there's such an effort
allready under way somewhere, how to implement things, where to start,
what to read (apart from libapt-dev-doc etc.) or special things to take
into account then please clue me in.

[0] see http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/subscribe
[1] please teach me otherwise if I'm wrong.

             Tomas Pospisek
	     SourcePole   -  Linux & Open Source Solutions
	     Elestastrasse 18, 7310 Bad Ragaz, Switzerland
	     Tel: +41 (81) 330 77 11

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