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Re: Announcing ...

On Sat, 2002-03-16 at 00:30, Steve Kowalik wrote:

>     At the moment, linda (as I've coined it, with kudos to aj) performs about 
> 90 checks, in about 1,030 lines of Python, which includes unpacking, and other
> stuff I've detailed below.

Very cool.  What do you think about making this replace lintian? 
Meaning, it would be nice if it could be invoked as 'lintian', and when
it is then it should be more or less output-compatible with lintian.  

A lot of people know about "lintian", and it would be too bad to have to
tell all those people they have to use "linda" now.  Not a big deal, but
it's just a thought to ease the burden on those who are trying to
disentangle the complicated set of programs related to Debian

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