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Re: Announcing ...

On Sat, Mar 16, 2002 at 04:30:30PM +1100, Steve Kowalik wrote:
> E: xringd; Control file does not have a Maintainer: field.
> E: xringd; Package conforms to an ancient (2.2.0) version of Policy.

> W: xringd source: ancient-standards-version 2.2.0
> E: xringd source: no-maintainer-field

Hmm... I have some concern about the output format.  Lintian's output
might look funny, but it is designed to be automatically indexable.
For example the lintian html output has a page specifically for
"ancient-standards-version" tags in all packages.  Will linda be able
to provide such a feature?

Richard Braakman

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