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Re: Bug#137595: libusb-0.1-4: trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libusb-0.1.so.4.1.0', which is also in package libusb0

On Fri, Mar 15, 2002 at 11:59:11PM +0900, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> Kevin Dalley <kevind@rahul.net> cum veritate scripsit:
> > Why has libusb0 been removed from unstable?  Is libusb-0.1-4
> > inconsistent with libusb0?  If the two libraries are inconsistent,
> > then libusb0 should stay around.  
> libusb0 contained libusb-0.1-3 (libusb-0.1.so.3), and later the 
> contents of libusb-0.1-4 (libusb-0.1.so.4) was uploaded as 
> libusb0. Therefore, packages compiled against libusb0 was 
> randomly compiled against libusb-0.1.so.4/3 due to maintainer mistake.
> To rectify such mistake in library packaging, a new package
> which conflicts with old version needed to be created.
> I really think libusb maintainer should have announced this 
> somewhere, and I am not a libusb maintainer.

He send a mail to all mainteners of package with libusb dependancy.
He should upload a new package with a libusb0 conflict.


> crossposting to -devel.
> I have read debian-bugs-dist enough to know that many people are 
> confused.
> regards,
> 	junichi
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