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Re: Debian joning OASIS?

Note: I removed the cross-post.  This should probably migrate to some
other list better suited for such discussions...

Chad Walstrom wrote:
> Can we get a detailed budget and fee break-down from this organization
> to verify their logic for charging non-profits the $1000?

On Mon, Mar 11, 2002 at 02:41:37PM -0500, Mark Johnson wrote:
> Feel free to take that on, but please be diplomatic about it.

* Chad read materials available on oasis website...


Here we go.  Annual reports...  Anyway, it seems like OASIS is an NPO
for the big corporate world.  Understandable that they ask for high fees
to pay for their employees and what appears to be a sizeable staff.  I'm
not going to reiterate the materials that are found on their site or
that which was posted to the list.  They've got some big names on the
board of directors, so it looks like they're no small cookie.  If you
feel it's worth it, go for it.  IANAC, read I am not a committee, nor am
I responsible for treasury decisions.  If the treasurer feels your
request is reasonable, go for it.


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