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Re: Bug#137019: debconf: apt can't dist-upgrade properly from potato with debconf-tiny installed

Colin Watson wrote:
> As far as I can make out, the reason why debconf's C/P/R doesn't work is
> that debconf-tiny in potato provided debconf, and apt appears to assign
> a very high priority to packages that provide important packages (even
> higher than the important package itself in the case where it's a mixed
> virtual package, which seems odd).


> debconf (>= 1.0) is fine - I picked Source-Version for no particularly
> good reason (possibly because I was thinking that debconf would have to
> be changed anyway to version the conflicts). Actually, experimenting,
> all I need to do is add a debconf-tiny package which doesn't provide
> debconf and has no other interesting characteristics, and it works.
> Depending on a newer-than-potato version of debconf is just an insurance
> policy.

Ok, in incoming or wherever new packages go these days. Please let me
know if it doesn't work.

You mentioned earlier that you thought debconf needed to not conflict
with the new debconf-tiny. Is that still your thinking? I'm not sure
from the paragraph above.

see shy jo

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