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Bug#136473: ITP: kernel-patch-lpp-1024x768 -- Display a graphical boot-screen with progress bar

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

 This patch adds the Linux Progress Patch option to the Linux kernel.
 The Linux Progress Patch is a kernel patch which displays a
 full-screen logo with a progress bar and some informational text
 while booting. It hides the normal startup messages printed by the
 kernel, and is meant for people that don't care about boot messages.

 It is based on the original LPP by Cajus Pollmeier
 <C.Pollmeier@gmx.net> available at http://lpp.freelords.org

 The theme I created looks about like this:

 Preliminary debs are available at:
 deb[-src] http://freakzone.net/ debian/

 License is GPLv2


PS: I am not ignoring the recent kernel-patch-naming discussion, but
IMHO even if linux kernel-patch packages are named wrong now, they
should still be named consistently until anything new is decided on.

Gordon Fraser                      Depends on how you define
gordon@freakzone.net               "always".  :-) -- Larry Wall in
http://www.freakzone.net           <199710211647.JAA17957@wall.org>

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