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Re: resource for woody freeze status?

Oliver Doepner wrote:
> is there any online resource that documents the (current) status of the
> woody freeze process? 

(see all the "release status updates"?)

> i just want to know what's going on and understand what the problems
> and/or current steps are. a webpage with a dynamically generated list of
> rc-bugs and some explaination on how to proceed and what is most urgent to
> be done would probably help even the non-hacking users and contributors. 
> it's mainly a question of transpareny i think.


Everything debian is doing WRT release is utterly transparent, I boggle
at you thinking otherwise.

> i've heard of a theory that there are many debian developers who get
> along rather nicely using and tweaking woody or sid for their own needs   
> and "probably" have no big incentive to work on woody>stable.
> i cannot really believe this: it sounded a bit harsh and was spread by
> someone who is no debian developer himself. but then i read that adrian
> bunk - someone who most of you surely know - wrote in a mail some weeks
> ago that "It seems noone really cares to get woody released.":

It might be easy to focus on someone screaming something like that and
easy to miss a hundred people quietly working their butts off. Something
to think about anyway.

see shy jo

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