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Re: New upgrade report, potato to woody.

On Sun, 24 Feb 2002, Thom May wrote:

> * Dale Scheetz (dwarf@polaris.net) wrote :
> > OK, I've finally completed my second attempt at a smooth potato upgrade to
> > woody. Things went much better this time, but there are still some slight
> > gotcha's that will need to be detailed in the upgrade notes.
> > 
> > 1. I highly recomment doing a 'dpkg -l >old-packages.list' before the
> >    upgrade.
> is this not what 'dpkg --get-selections >old-packages.list' is for? ( the benefit of that is

No, not in this case. A readable list of packages is the only way I know
how to compare my end result with my starting position.

> you can just feed the list back to dpkg using 'dpkg --set-selections <
> old-packages.list' afterwards.

If that were what I wanted then yes this would be reasonable. I'm only
looking for a check list, not automatic correction.


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