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New upgrade report, potato to woody.

OK, I've finally completed my second attempt at a smooth potato upgrade to
woody. Things went much better this time, but there are still some slight
gotcha's that will need to be detailed in the upgrade notes.

1. I highly recomment doing a 'dpkg -l >old-packages.list' before the

2. Before doing the upgrade, but after an 'apt-get update', first do:

         apt-get install apt dpkg apt-utils

   Lots of stuff gets removed at this stage, probably because of
   dependencies on libraries that have to be upgraded for apt and dpkg.
   Best I can tell, these all get "repaired" later in the upgrade.

   I've added apt-utils to this pre-upgrade list because debconf complains
   that it isn't installed otherwise, and fails to do its thing.

3. Now an 'apt-get dist-upgrade' is possible, but when the smoke clears it
   is still necessary to do 'apt-get -f install' to clean up some minor

4. I still had some minor issues with X but they were much easier to deal

   First: It appears that wdm was removed, and xdm was installed in its
          place.  While I'm not certain that wdm was installed during the
          potato install, (I did a "simple" install) but I'm sure I
          removed xdm after the potato install.
  Second: For obvious reasons, xserver-svga is upgraded, but
          xserver-xfree86 is not installed. This is expected and easy to
          deal with.
 Suggest: If you have X and want to use wdm instead of xdm (your choices
          here may vary) and upgrade to the xfree86 server, do:

                   apt-get remove xdm
                   apt-get install wdm xserver-xfree86

Debconf does a sterling job of constructing a working config file, and all
the dependencies are met by the newly installed apt/dpkg.

This one went much better than my last attempt ;-)

Now's the time to do another package list and compare it with the
pre-upgrade list. If any important packages were left behind, they can be
easily installed after the upgrade.


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