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Testing Menu managers in Debian

Hello developers,

I have tested the support for the Debian menu system in window managers
and menu managers. I have tested all the window managers in Debian/testing.

The full details are at <http://people.debian.org/~ballombe/wmbugs>.

A summary of the results:

--- Only aewm, fvwm95, uwm pass all the tests.

--- Too many menu managers do not support user defined menus entries (in
~/.menu) out of the box.

--- afterstep, kwin and flwm do not handle correctly / in menu titles.  

--- xfwm menus are scrambled during the test.

--- I have not been able to test xfwm because Debian menu entries are scrambled among others. 

--- Some window managers preprocess theirs config files with m4, and add menus via the
m4 macro "include" (or "sinclude"). Problem is that the content of the included file
get preprocessed by m4, which may cause bugs. 

Do you know a way to include a file with m4 as is (i.e. not being preprocessed) ?

Thanks to Herbert Xu for fixing mwm in unstable.


Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>
Please CC me on reply, thanks.

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