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Re: OLS 2002 Call For Papers

Somebody wants to submit a Debian-related talk maybe?



Andrew J. Hutton wrote:
> We would very much appreciate it if you could forward this announcement
> to the members of your group.  We are very much an international event
> and always looking for new people who are contributing to Linux in 
> interesting ways.
> I would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.  
>                        Symposium Announcement
> The dates for the 2002 Symposium have been set.  We have moved to June 
> for 2002, from the 26th until the 29th.
>                         2002 Call for Papers
>                 http://www.linuxsymposium.org/cfp.php
> We are now seeking paper proposals for 2002.  The submission process
> has changed.  You may submit your proposal online by registering at
> https://secure.linuxsymposium.org/ as a speaker.
> Deadline for submitting a proposal is March 1st, although we strongly
> recommend submitting as soon as possible.
>                          Potential Sponsors
> If your company might be interested in sponsoring the 2002 Symposium please
> contact us at sponsorship@linuxsymposium.org for details.  Our sponsors play
> a critical role in allowing the Symposium to continue each year.

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