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Re: Wish for MU/NMU of "gzip --rsyncable" patch

On Sun, Feb 03, 2002 at 10:14:37AM +0100, Otto Wyss wrote:
> And there is now at least one working script which immediately allows to
> profit from this patch (see "http://dpartialmirror.sourceforge.net/";). I
> don't know about the other scripts but I think it's not difficult to
> implement this functionality.
> Besides with my script there is even now a little gain since not all
> compressed files are completely different between versions.

apt-proxy uses rsync to get files too.  If asked for a compressed packages
file, it will go off and rsync using the non-gz version instead, giving a
typical speedup of 16x for me.  Rsyncable compressed files would be great
and all the apt-proxy users would benefit straight away.

Chris Halls | Frankfurt, Germany

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