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Re: Debian is slower than time (was: adrian's 2.4.x packages)

On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 07:31:16PM +0100, Martin Schulze wrote:
> If you want something done, do it.  That's how Free Software works.

That's how Free Sotfware works, under the assumption that if you want to do
it differently than everyone else, you can simply fork it and have your way.
But Debian works differently, because frequently the cooperation of many
people is simply required to get something implemented.  If I want to fix
the Debian architecture handling, I can't, because I am not a dpkg maintainer,
not an ftp admin and not a katie maintainer.

It's in Debian's nature, and I think it is a good think to keep that in
mind.  Of course, cooperation is a two-side thing (you can't just make
demands and expect someone to fulfill them), but it doesn't work one way in
either direction (you can't just tell someone to go away and not bother you,
because for some things your cooperation is required to make things work, or
you are standing in that persons way at times).  In some areas we are
already very good in going out of each others way, in other areas we could
improve a bit further, and in some areas it might not be possible, and we
just have to cope with it.


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