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Re: sysklogd steps on logrotate's foot

KELEMEN Peter <fuji@debian.org> writes:

> * Martin Schulze (joey@infodrom.org) [20020127 22:39]:
>> Err... why is logrotate touching logfiles "owned" by sysklogd?
>> A package must not touch other packages' files.
> What I meant was if an administrator of a busy site applies log
> rotating policies to logfiles, she wants to use one product to
> do the rotation.  So, she customises logrotate.conf according to
> her policy, only to find out that sysklogd rotates logs on its
> own and blows up log archiving by messing up serial numbers and
> compression.
> What she'll miss is an easy way of telling sysklogd: "hands off
> pal, I will do it myself" with regards to log rotation.

 This does not solve the problem with sysklogd, but as an alternative,
I use syslog-ng and have it logging into $facility/$year/$month/$day/foo.log
under /var/log.  This gives a neat directory structure, and a cronjob
compresses all files in it that have not been touched in a couple days.

 However one should locate the directory tree to somewhere else, as some
packages just assume for example /var/log/messages existing and being a file. 


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