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LinuxTag 2002 - Call for Papers

LinuxTag 2002 Call for Papers

June 6th to 9th, 2002

8th Annual International LinuxTag 2002

Convention Center, Karlsruhe, Germany

Free Conference Program

   Introduction: LinuxTag  is  Europe's largest  Linux   conference   and
   exhibition.  Last  year  15,000  visitors  came  to  find  the  latest
   information  on  Linux,  Free  Software and Open Source solutions. The
   event  is aimed at professionals, enthusiasts, researchers, developers
   and the community at large.

   From Friday to Sunday there will be a free conference track attracting
   people  ranging  from  beginners  to  experts.  All  four days will be
   accompained by an exhibition with more than 100 vendors and projects.

   Would  you, as an expert and experienced Linux user, like to share and
   discuss  your  experiences  with  like-minded  people, or present your
   current project to an interested audience? We seek submissions of high
   quality  that significantly advance the knowledge and understanding of
   the  Linux community. In keeping with LinuxTag tradition, we will give
   preference to work that

     * explores new territory,
     * comes from project members directly involved in developing,
     * gives a good overview of broader fields of general interest,
     * introduces  new users to important techniques in an understandable
     * discusses the legal, ethical, social or economic impact of Linux.

   Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

     * Security:  firewalls,  VPNs,  IPsec,  IDS,  scanners, exploits and
     * Operating  Systems:  kernel,  file systems, new device drivers and
     * Desktop Applications: GUIs, KDE, GNOME
     * Multimedia: graphics, sound, video
     * Clustering and High Availibility
     * Hardware, embedded systems and real time solutions
     * Software Development: languages, scripting, IDE, XML
     * Networking: high-speed, Gigabit-Ethernet, ATM, IrDA, WavLAN
     * System  Management:  administration,  monitoring,  remote software
       distribution, packaging
     * Business  Applications:  solutions  with  a focus on non-technical
     * Computer Aided Engineering: CAD/CAM, CAE, CAx
     * Internet  and  WWW:  web servers, application servers, e-commerce,
       script languages, content management
     * Games and Entertainment
     * Database Applications: RDBMS, ODBMS, ERP systems
     * Business case studies and success stories
     * reports on Linux in day-to-day use environments
     * Significant  community-related  developments:  Open  Source,  Free
       Software,   patents,   privacy,  legal  issues,  trademarks,  DRM,
     * Non-technical  developments:  Open  Music,  Open  Documents,  Open

   We will schedule a 60-minute slot for each presentation including time
   for  questions  and  discussion.  If  you  need  some extra time for a
   complex  topic or a workshop, please contact the conference chairs for
   an   individual   solution.  In  such  cases  please  note  your  time
   requirements in your abstract.

   Submission    Guidelines:    Submissions   will   be   accepted   only
   electronically.  Those  proposing  to  present papers should submit an
   abstract  and  a  brief  biography  using  a  form  on  our  web  page
   http://www.linuxtag.org/cfp/.  Conference  languages  are  German  and
   English. The abstracts will be reviewed by the program committee based
   on  content,  presentation  and  suitability  for  the event. Accepted
   speakers  will  be  notified  and will be required to submit a written
   paper  of about ten pages for inclusion in the conference proceedings.
   The  papers must be in an XML/DocBook format. Detailed guidelines will
   be provided to accepted speakers. Submissions violating these rules or
   the  formatting  guidelines  may  not  be  considered for publication.
   Handling  of  accepted  papers  can  also  be accomplished through the
   website or via e-email to the program committee: papers@linuxtag.org.

   Licensing  of Accepted Papers: On acceptance, authors will be required
   to   sign   a   Free   Document  License  that  grants  an  unlimited,
   non-exclusive right to Linux Tag e. V. and its partners to publish the
   papers  both in electronic form on CD-ROM and the website and in paper
   form  for  the  conference  proceedings and magazines. Your submission
   indicates  that  you  agree  to  these  terms.  Papers  accompanied by
   non-disclosure  agreement  forms  can not be accepted, and will not be
   reviewed.  Papers will be held in full confidence during the reviewing
   process.  Authors  of  accepted  papers  will  be encouraged to supply
   electronic  versions  of  their papers, as well as source code and raw
   data to help others replicate and better understand their results.

   Location: The 8th Annual International LinuxTag will take place at the
   Convention  Center  in  the  Messe at Karlsruhe, Germany. Karlsruhe is
   located  in  the  southern  part of Germany near Heidelberg and can be
   easily  reached  via  Frankfurt International Airport and by rail. The
   city  is  famous  for its baroque palace, which now houses part of the
   renowned  Technical  University.  Accommodations  will be provided for
   accepted speakers in hotels close to the venue.

   Speaker   Incentives   and   Financial  Compensation:  Some  financial
   assistance is available for speakers' travel and accommodation in case
   of  need. LinuxTag is run by LinuxTag e. V., a non-profit organization
   of  volunteering professionals and enthusiasts of free and open-source
   software.  We therefore have only a limited budget for travel expenses
   and  request  that  you  or  your employer kindly pay for your trip if
   possible.  However,  there  will  be  a  stipend program available for
   students and non-affiliated free/open source software project members.
   Anyone  can  apply.  We are able to pay travel expenses (economy class
   plane  and  train  tickets) for a limited number of speakers, and will
   provide  accommodation  including  breakfast  for  all  speakers.  All
   speakers  will  be our guests at the exclusive social event dinner. We
   are not able to pay any royalties for presenters.

   Important  Dates:
   Please  submit your contributions no later than the indicated dates.

   Abstract submission deadline      February 28, 2002
   Acceptance notification           March 15, 2002
   Final papers due                  April 30, 2002
                                     all 23:59 UTC
   8th Annual International LinuxTag June 6-9, 2002

   Program Committee:
   * Torsten Spindler (chair) 
     ETH Zurich, Switzerland, spindler@linuxtag.org
   * Nils Magnus (co-chair)
     secunet Security Networks AG, Germany, magnus@linuxtag.org
   * Harald Böhme
     Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany
   * Matthias Kalle Dalheimer
     Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB, Sweden
   * Jörg Dorchain
     Europeonline, Luxemburg
   * Christian Egle
     SuSE Linux AG, Germany
   * Sven Geggus
     Linux User Group Karlsruhe, Germany
   * Dr. Denis Havlik
     Mandrakesoft, France
   * Christian Hüttermann
     Red Hat GmbH, Germany
   * Alasdair G. Kergon
     United Kingdom Unix Users Group, UK
   * Thomas Maus
     Security,  Performance  + Management for IT-Systems, Germany
   * Alexander Perry
     Quantum Magnetics, Inc., USA
   * Christian Ritter
     Red Hat GmbH, Germany
   * M. Drew Streib
     Free Standards Group, USA
   * Prof. Dr. Peter Weibel
     ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany
   * Florian Zumbiehl
     ffis e. V., Germany

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