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Misuse of my address by some virus or spammer

As i have recieved about 5 error messages and reports yet, it looks like
some virus is misusing my email address. :-(
Well, it has to be some windows virus (another readme.exe tagged as
audio/wave) - but i do not have any windows machine...
the subject was something very long with "sampledesktop"...
looks like an outlook buffer overflow attempt.

Origin apparently is
>Received: from [] (HELO MONTE-XDXLXM7E7)
and the mails seem to include some reference to optinrewards.com:
>Subject: [...]sampledesktopsamplereturns.optinrewards.com.sample
>Message-ID: <auto-000043510084@returns2.optinrewards.com>  

so maybe it actually is spam...
no, just got another error message, it must be a broken MTA that appends
this... this one contains "returns.optinmal.cc"...
CommuniGate Pro is messing with the mail...

Still havn't got a complete mail.

Any idea how to reach the admin of this windows 2000 box
tried via smtp and http, maybe one of the messages will reach the


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