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Re: facilitating donations

On Wed, 2002-01-30 at 21:07, martin f krafft wrote:
> now, instead of transfering each and every donation separately, these
> two people start establishing a fund, and report to the SPI treasurer
> in regular intervals. this fund can be used for national debian
> events, after permission is granted by the treasurer. or, if the
> treasurer wants, any part of the current sum can be transferred to the
> US on request.
> this is basically how germany handles it. but i do see a problem
> (actually, Joey told me) - this does not work for people who want to
> deduct their donations from taxes, because there isn't a charitable
> organization to receive and write receipts for the donations.
> moreover, you have to be a charitable organization to be able to
> receive donations, or else you'll be in trouble for receiving money
> that you don't pay taxes for.

English law (I think the same applies to Scotland and N. Ireland) does
not allow people to set gifts against taxes, but does enable a charity
to recover income tax paid on gifts it receives.  A charity needs to be
registered with the Charities Commission, which means that its trust
deed (or memorandum and articles in the case of an incorporated company)
must meet with their approval.  This is not particularly difficult to
achieve, and I think that Debian's aims can probably be taken as
charitable under the "public good" heading.

Some Debian members in the UK discussed this a couple of years ago, but
so far there has not really been a need to do it.  If the treasurer is
willing for your scheme to go ahead, I am happy to help with it in

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