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Re: Announce: New Project Debian-Med

>>>>> "Tille," == Tille, Andreas <TilleA@rki.de> writes:

    > Hello, I'm proud to announce the official start of
    > Debian-Med.

Hello Andreas,

I just subscribed to debian-med and am interested in being
involved.  That said, I've been a debian developer for a couple
years and have been inactive for most of that time.  I don't know
how much time I can commit to this project.  I've recently
changed jobs and am now doing science, software and hardware
support for a research PET imaging program.  I hope that this new
position will allow for some more time so I can be a more active
developer.  I'm interested in medical image visualization,
multi-modality registration, and quantification.

To start off, there are two packages that I'm interested in:
amide, which is already listed on the debian med page, and
xmedcon, a medical image format converting tool

Regards, Mike Miller

Michael A. Miller                               mmiller3@iupui.edu
  Imaging Sciences, Department of Radiology, IU School of Medicine

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