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Re: Splitting Packages from source

On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Peter Crystal wrote:

> In updating xconq, I want to (under suggestion from Andreas) split
> the package into 3 parts and also move it to debhelper.
> The second half is 'simple' enough, however, can anyone point me
> to good documentation on how to split source into multiple packages
> (using debhelper), or a point out a reasonably clean package
> to use as an example?
A good starting point is


If you are looking for working examples you could use perhaps my
wordnet package (apt-get source wordnet), which builds a architecture
dependend bin and dev package as well a architecture independend
data (=base) and doc package.  It's a little bit heavy (you have to
download a big file which I would not do via slow connection) but
could give a glimpse how to split the package.  (Feel free to ask
just for the debian/* files in case of slow connection.)  My package
tipptrainer would work as well as example.

But there might be some others.

Kind regards and thanks for caring about xconq


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