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aspell package splitting => dependencies loop

i splitted old (<< libaspell10 package which used to
install also english dictionaries. splitting resulted in two packages:
libaspell10 and aspell-en. i wanted the user free to not install
english dictionary.

i made libaspell10 recommending aspell-en as well the other aspell
dictionary packages that were currently in main. i used "Recommends:
aspell-en | aspell-fr | ...".

aspell-en was dependent on libaspell10. i had to use a versioned
dependency (using "Depends: libaspell10 (>=") in order to
avoid conflicts on the english dictionary files of older libaspell10.

this was my best dependency asset.

problems started on aspell promotion to testing. after upgrade aspell
was useless due to lack of aspell-en package. i (now) suspect that
upgrade was performed by apt-get, which IIRC is known to ignore
recommendations :(

solution i found was very easy. make libaspel10 dependent on any of all
the aspell dictionaries. this of course finished in the dependency loop
reported in #131290.

my summary: libaspell10 should (logically) only recommend dictionaries
but this breaks apt-get way of trating recommendations. deselect should
do the right thing and ask the user what he really want.

now what should i do? i'm inclined to restore my original recommendations
and let burn in hell who don't follow them.

any suggestions?

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