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Re: WTF is with dhcp?

[talking about dhcp server packages...]
> Now, I would have liked to upload my experimental packages for the 3.x
> series a long time ago (October 5, 2001 that was when DHCP ISC 3.0 was
> released.) The problem is that the boot floppies are using the DHCP
> client from the 2.x series. The client in the 3.x series is too big
> to be handled now by the boot floppies so when I mentioned that I was
> ready to upload to unstable my 3.x packages I was told to wait: 

why not use udhcpc in the boot floppies ? it's really small.
there was a few mails about that in september, 2001 ; and I
can't remember major objections, except lack of testing for
compatibility with misc. dhcp servers. if nobody wants/has
the time to integrate udhcpc in boot floppies, well, I might
just as well volunteer (but I am currently totally ignorant
of the internal of boot floppies).

sorry if that matter has been discuted again recently, but
a quick google search yielded nothing new about it ...

Jerome Petazzoni <skaya at enix dot org>

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