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RE: Broadcast Solution Request

I have published multiple radio stations from a single box using 22khz
@ 24kbps per stream, this would be a encoder box, the audio card was an
antex studio
2000 which is a multi channel card, it was not to hard to make linux drivers
but this hardware is windows pnp I was able to have 3 cards in one box and
output 3 stereo fm radios stations in stereo and send the streams on
different ports
to the streaming server farm, it works well, to well the radio stations
became so popular
over the internet that we where streaming 120 megs per second at a red cent
per meg
you are looking at a 120,000 bucks a month bandwidth charges.

If you have a ton of cash you want to spend, drop me a line and I will set
you up.

Charles Sherwood

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Subject: Broadcast Solution Request

Hello everyone!

This is what i got in mind: Since we know that we can put more than one
card (device) in one computer, and each RS (radio station) that we broadcast
through a server has a domain name (example: http://dr.radio.com:xxxx), i
though to set up a server with at least 4-5 sound cards and broadcast 4-5 RS
using one ip address and each RS with a different domain name.
For example:
- http://dr.radio.com:8001
- http://dr.radio.com:8002
- http://dr.radio.com:8003
- http://dr.radio.com:8004
- http://dr.radio.com:8005

Here are my questions:
- Is it possible to broadcast more than one radio stations from one server
using one ip address?
- Will it be a problem for you to receive each one of these RS signal there?

In case it's not possible, what can i do to make it happend?

Best regards,

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