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Pliant package

I've updated Pliant packaging system so that it will now build .deb file as well.

The built package is available for download through Pliant forum at:
and Pliant home is at:

Pliant is something very easy to package from the dependencies point of
view (it basically requires only 'libdl' and could even be compiled to do
without it), but is rather hard to fit in a category since it can be
an all operating system.
As an example, http://pliant.cx/ is running the Linux kernel, and Pliant
on top of it, but no Linux distribution. All advanced services (DNS, HTTP,
database, etc) are provided through Pliant applications, and the server is
fully remotely administrated trough the HTTP server.

As a result, I don't know if Pliant should become a 'real' Debian package
part of Debian distribution, or better stay apart on pliant.cx site.


Now, for the most of you that probably never heard of Pliant, it's an
efficient programming language, that can be lower level than C, much higher
level than C++, with most high level features written as modules rather
than built in, something a bit like C + typed Lisp, then a set of
applications that provide most standard services (HTTP, SMTP)
through very short implementations thanks to the language power.
As an HTTP server for dynamic pages, Pliant is probably far ahead of
anything you may have seen before due to the advanced security model
(all variables passed are automatically signed), tight intregration
with the database engine (no glue code), and efficiency (roughly as
efficient as C).

The main current constaint is that since it contains the code generator
only of i386, it runs only on i386 computers (but on most operating systems).

Please CC any comment to me since I've not subscribed any mailing list.

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