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Re: Bug#129848: www.debian.org: "more info" URL in package descriptions

On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Adam Heath wrote:

> > But in my opinion it would be better to use an extra control field which
> > would cause a lintian warning if empty to enforce maintainers to do it.
> Policy(which lintian follows) is not to be used has a hammer to force
> maintainers to do things.
Well, perhaps "Hammer" is not the right word.  Perhaps signal is better.
Often a maintainer does not notice policy changes and a lintian warning
would make him notice.  At least I do care for lintian warnings  (Even
such things like: "Changelog contains user emacs settings."  Without a
lintian warning I wouldn't have change this in any of my packages.)

> > And you are right - this is no bug against www.debin.org because we need
> > a policy decision first.
> No, policy is never done first.  Ever.  No way.
> Policy can't describe something if the something doesn't exist.  How hard is
> that to understand?
Perhaps I'm stubborn and to stupid to understand some basic things.
I just want to have an upstream URL at tha package page.  In case
of native Debian packages this could be the package page itself.

This is my *wish*.  That's why I try to make *suggestions* how to
solve this *wishlist* bug.  I'm for several reasons not able to solve
the problem and thus I can not send patches.

Please tell me where to send this wishlist bug to get an additional
field included into debian/control.  If this bug would ever be solved
I promise to ask the policy team to change policy.

Adam, if I would not know it better, I'd guess you would come from
Germany.  There is much bureaucracy in Germany and I was hoping I
would not be confronted with such things in Debian.

Kind regards


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