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Sponsoring packages confusion?

Hi all,

I am having trouble understanding the sponsoring process.. For some 
reason, all my sponsored packages were flaged as NMU [sponsored
by 2 developes]. I do not wish to blame anyone but there appears
to be little in the amount of documentation for sponsoring packages.
The maintainer's guide doesn't even specify the process [unless
I missed something].

Could someone specify the exact sponsoring procedure?

I'm going to guess here, but to sponsor, does the DD upload
his/her compilation or the maintainer's? ie. which is correct:

1. Get packages and sources from maintainer. Unpack source.
Package it with dpkg-buildpackage -k<id>. dupload.

2. Get packages and sources from maintainer. Check if they
compile. Sign original .changes and .dsc and dupload their

Or are both wrong?


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