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Debian SE Linux

I am making reasonable progress on Debian packages of SE Linux.  I have 
packaged enough of it to get a Debian system running SE Linux using only 
Debian packages.

I have not yet packaged all of the utilities that the NSA modified for SE 
support, and some of my work on such utilities and daemons was rapidly hacked 
in (due to NSA supporting different versions) and needs more review.

Currently many binaries lack man pages as well.

If anyone would like to help then let me know.  I plan to start uploading 
packages to contrib in the next day or two.  I would like to start delegating 
some of the packages of modified utilities.  First I would like to start 
giving away the ones that aren't overly complex (where it's basically a 
standard Debian package with a patch from the NSA applied), I don't think 
that anyone would be eager to take over one of the packages that contains all 
SE code that I hacked myself.

If you're interested in helping then please let me know.

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