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Re: [kde] setting an /opt precedent

Eray Ozkural (exa) continuò:

That is a wrong reading of standard text.

 /opt -- Add-on application software packages

There is a difference between system and application software. C++

> library is system software, while a desktop environment like KDE is
> application software. System can continue functioning in the absence
> of such application software that is optional, hence the expression
> "Add-on".

This is not always true, and is the source of infinite discussions...

Just for example, my 386 is running very well without the C++ library,
but a computer without KDE, GNOME or every other DE is completely
unuseful for my aunt...

The distinction between system software and other software is a very
blurred line, and I really don't want to have only the kernel, libc and
init out of /opt!

It is more clear to define "Add-on" as something added to the distribuition, not something that is not "necessary" for the system,
because there is very little that is truly necessary...

So, as far as KDE is distribuited with Debian should not be installed in

As stated in section 3.8, distributions can install software in /opt in accordance with FHS.

Yes, but we should take care to not modify what the owner of the system
has done there. The more conservative (and more secure) choice is to
let /opt to the system administrator completely and do not touch it,
because there is not a compelling reason to do so.

Moreover, this is an established practice as emphasized in FHS

standard text.

For others may be an established practice, but for Debian it is not so.

For others may be an established practice to format their harddisk once
a month, but for Debian this is not necessary. <g>


Au revoir.

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