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What will woodys default kernel be?

Hey guys,
when will we decide what woodys default kernel will be? I thought
about reorganising the lids-packages in the following way:

lids-2.2 will ever be the version for the latest 2.2er kernel in woody.
lids-2.4 will ever be the version for the latest 2.4er kernel in woody.

But if the default kernel in woody will be 2.2.19 this would make no 
sence. And do you think this is a good idea in general? Making 
one package which changes the kernel-version it is for?
So if one installed lids-2.2.19 and there's an upcoming version
for 2.2.20 this will force him to change his kernelversion.

Or should I keep the patch applying for the latest let's say two 
versions? So that the user has to rebuild his kernel after an
upgrade but can keep the old version?

Or is it okay to say, that the users have to keep their kernels
actual to be supported by debian-lids?

Thanks for your help...

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