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Re: [kde] setting an /opt precedent

>>"Jim" == Jim Gettys <jg@pa.dec.com> writes:

 Jim> The project has to be able to have more than one environment installed
 Jim> simultaneously, both for development, and for users, *SINCE IT JUST ISN'T
 Jim> of these projects is such there is no other way forward, but to enable
 Jim> both versions to be used side by side, possibly simultaneously.

	Why is this not an issue of backwards compatibility with their
 installed based not a problem to ber solved by these projects? Why
 isn't versioning of interfaces an integral part of their protocol?
 This is a solved problem (DCE RPC solved it before Linux was born,
 really, for one example).  I see this as users having to work around
 lack of design and due care for compatibility from the projects.

 Jim> So somehow, some way, you need to be able to have more than one
 Jim> version of the applications available so that users can choose
 Jim> how much they are going to bleed (and similarly, libraries, header
 Jim> files, etc).

	Unless the projects can figure out compatibility issues, I
 guess so.

 Jim> So, if you don't like /opt, then make a concrete suggestion to KDE
 Jim> (and something similar may need to happen for Gnome) about where to
 Jim> put things, rather than whining about FHS and the proper uses of /opt.

	I see. Standards compliance is whining. Lets just up and throw
 away policy while we are at it, and have everyone reinstall from
 scratch like microsoft does.

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