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SE-Debian is almost working!

I've got a working flask package on my site http://www.coker.com.au/selinux/ 
.  After installing it you have to run "make -C /etc/flask install" to 
install the policy file and then "make -C /etc/flask relabel" from single 
user mode before booting a kernel that has SE-Linux with policydb V8 enabled 
(IE the latest patch from Immunix).

However at the moment the only other SE-Linux package I have is stat, this is 
enough to show you that it's working if you enable SE-Linux before locking 
you out of your system.

The libselinux-dev package should enable you to compile your own packages of 
cron, sshd, login, and other essential things.

This is still very experimental...

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