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Re: mindi fails on Linux Debian system

--- Steve Langasek <vorlon@netexpress.net> wrote:
[Hugo wrote:-]
>>Debian is designed for users to use, not developers to develop 
>>for (at least, I should hope it is). 
>Curiously, you seem to be using the terms 'developer' and 'user' 
>in the exact opposite sense that I would expect. 

I was being conciliatory.  Ben C. missed it, too. ;-)

> I can't imagine any sane reason that a user would ever need 
>to concern himself with whether the file /sbin/lilo is a binary, 
>or a shell script, or a lisp coredump, or a symlink to /bin/true...

Agreed. The user shouldn't have to know about such things.
Nor should Debian be expected to pander to the needs of
developers like me. However, Debian could help to
prevent (or at least, stem the tide of) the Balkanization of 
Linux if it didn't run off & do things in its own way as often
as it seems to. Maybe Debian is throwing out as many
mutations as it can, to see which ones will survive & which
won't. _That_, I could understand.

>I'm sorry you don't find Debian's way to your liking
>but there are almost always sound technical reasons 
>for the decisions that our developers make.  

I figured as much. You're not bound by the same
pressures as other outfits. Time will tell if the approach
is a good one. I've a feeling it'll end up being Debian
v Red Hat, Linux (Sys V Unix-compatile) v *BSD, and
Windows v everything else.

My criticism of Debian is probably the same as Ben C's
criticism of me: "Stop being such a pain in the a-- to get
along with." :-)

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