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Bug#129025: general: exim crash with sig11 while getservbyname

reassign 129025 exim

On 13/01/02, ago@seca.dynodns.net wrote:
> Package: general
> Version: 20020113
> Severity: important

You are reporting a problem with the mail server software exim and so
this bug should reported against the package exim and not general.

> in exim-3.33/src/transports/smtp.c, line 1889:
> struct servent *smtp_service = getservbyname(ob->service, "tcp");
> does a crash with signal 11 on my installation, i dunno but /etc/services
> seems correct and if i use the following, it works:

Seems? Do you have such an entry in /etc/services?

|smtp            25/tcp          mail

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