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Re: at least 260 packages broken on arm, powerpc and s390 due to wrong assumption on char signedness

On 20011227T200851+0100, Gerhard Tonn wrote:
> I grepped my archived build logs and found that all packages below have got 
> this problem.

Bzzz, wrong assumption.  You should have read the code.  The warning you
cite can be the result of other problems, and it also can be a
non-problem.  The last is the case with catdvi, which your list

The line in catdvi that gets this warning is

  if ((b >= DVI_set_char_0) && (b <= DVI_set_char_127))

Now, DVI_set_char_0 happens to be defined as 0, and I could have in
principle omitted the test, but I prefer this formulation as it is IMHO
clearer.  In the above code, b is declared as a "byte", which is in turn
a typedef for unsigned char.

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