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Re: We still need sponsors!

On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 04:34:56PM +0100, Tille, Andreas wrote:
> > Sounds good. Maybe we should provide a description of this technique
> > somewhere within webml or ddp.
> >
> > WWW/doc folks: any hint about sponsorship uploading practices?
> At least an FAQ would be apropriate in my opinion.
> A better solution would be a paragraph in the developers reference.

Quoting the Developers' Reference:

11.1 Sponsoring packages

   Sponsoring a package means uploading a package for a maintainer who is not
   able to do it on their own, a new maintainer applicant. Sponsoring a
   package also means accepting responsibility for it.

   New maintainers usually have certain difficulties creating Debian packages
   - this is quite understandable. That is why the sponsor is there, to check
   the package and verify that it is good enough for inclusion in Debian.
   (Note that if the sponsored package is new, the FTP admins will also have
   to inspect it before letting it in.)

   Sponsoring merely by signing the upload or just recompiling is definitely
   not recommended. You need to build the source package just like you would
   build a package of your own. Remember that it doesn't matter that you left
   the prospective developer's name both in the changelog and the control
   file, the upload can still be traced to you.

   If you are an application manager for a prospective developer, you can
   also be their sponsor. That way you can also verify the how the applicant
   is handling the `Tasks and Skills' part of their application.

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