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Re: We still need sponsors!

On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Tille, Andreas wrote:

> OK.  If I understand this right that would mean that the control file
> would state
>   Maintainer: Future Maintainer <not.yet@debian.org>

no, the control field states:
  Maintainer: My Name <foo@bar.net>

Where "My Name <foo@bar.net>" is a working email address of the maintainer
of the package. When he gets his account he can change the maintainer
field to his @debian.org address in the next upload - or he could leave
the other email address (if you look at my packages you'll find that I
never use my @debian.org address).

> and my own address will be in the changelog (like in an NMU).  Where
> is the place to make clear that:
>    "The package is called a sponsored package ..."
> Are there any fields/conventions?

The way I prefer is:

The maintainer makes the package as if he was an official developer.
The sponsor rebuilds the package, checks it, and if it's OK he signs it
with his key (using "debsign -m") and uploads it.

Note that the name of the sponsor doesn't appear anywhere except in the
gpg signature of the .changes and the .dsc files and there's nothing that
makes the upload look like a NMU.

If you want to make it clear that the upload is sponsored an entry in the
changelog should be the right solution. Before I became a maintainer I
added to the changelog entry of every package that was sponsored for me a

  * Upload sponsored by Tony Mancill <tmancill@debian.org>.

> Kind regards
>          Andreas.


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