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serious bug. Evolution and Microsoft mentality.

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I tried evolution tonight.  It is impressive work.  I wanted to import
my 62 mbox mailboxes and 6 maildirs.  Well, for whatever reason, it
didn't let me import my maildirs.  And the interface for importing
mailboxes is painful for 62 different mailboxes.  So I looked at how to
do it "by hand", as any nice Unix application will easily allow one to

It turns out to be fairly easy.  Find a mail folder of the same type as
the one you want to copy over, duplicate it with its new name, then
symlink your original mbox to Foldername/mbox.  It even has a nice
function to convert my mboxes to maildirs, although new mailboxse are
unfortunately not created in maildir format.  I started evolution up,
my folders were seen, I was happy.  Then I exited.

What happened?  My symlink was erased!  Gone!  A new mbox file had been
created from the contents of the original.  This was bad enough, but it
was a file of different size, indicating that QP (Quoted Printable) encoding
had been redone, which is the cause of the GnuPG compatibility bug.  So
first evolution screwed me by making it so new mails going into the old
mailbox won't be seen from evolution, but then it redoes the emails,
causing GnuPG signatures to yield bogus "bad" matches!

I hope that Evolution won't fall into the grave and anti-Unix error of
assuming it is the only mail handling software on the system, nor that
it can possibly know about all the mail software that is or might be in
use on a system.

Hopefully the symlink-being-erased bug will be fixed soon.  I think
overall Evolution has made great strides and become a great program.
I look forward to further evaluating it when this issue is fixed.


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