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RE: Bug#128077: Please mention native source packages in maint-gu ide

> The discussion about what is wrong with making external packages
> native is reiterated once every few months, and I'm not going to
> repeat it here. Search the archives.

I read some of the discussion (and am going to read all of it). I think that
there are a number of advantages to having the debian/ directory upstream.
If dpkg-buildpackage and assorted tools did not assume that there is no diff
because there is a debian/ directory (or however they assume that), then
maintainers could do everything they need without a need to be extremely
sync'ed up with upstream, and non-maintainers would have the advantage of
being able to package for Debian from upstream. I see this of great value
when, for example, one want to build a new library or package on a stable
system, where the official Debian package is in unstable, and hasn't been
moved to stable yet (which may take more than a year).


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