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new selftest target in debian/rules, new package state for autobuilder (suspect), debs that selftest on build


In packaging VTK I have come across some tools which address some of
the same things Goswin Brederlow brought up.

It turns out that developing a 3-D scientific data visualization
library is only part of the goals of the Visualization Tool Kit (VTK)
project. The other part is concerned with the metrics of software
quality in large projects.

To that end the VTK package includes regression tests in the build
process, and a reporting package to accumulate the results.

I'd been planning on packaging Dart, but since it is so dependent on
web servers and the specifics of build system clients the way to
package it was not immediately clear to me.

An example Dart ouput:

The Dart site:

A chart of the process:

So I just thought it would be a good time to point out these tools to
more people in the Debian project, and leave as an exercise for the
reader the integration of the good parts of the Dart tools with the
Debian auto-building infrastructure.


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